Tänään, Mallusjoki, Takinkääntöviikot!! ...

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Tsuumi Sound System updated their cover photo. ...

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Tsuumi´s “history series” continues…

“Avoin kenttä” (open field) is Tsuumi´s second studio album from 2002. The album contains tunes from several different dance productions. It also contains our very famous wedding march “Käytävä” (The Aisle) that Hannu wrote for his best friend at 2001.

Tanssiteatteri Tsuumi / Tsuumi Dance Theatre from Helsinki was founded 1998. In our early years we were composing and playing music for them and these albums contain music from their plays.

Keino production ltd. is now rereleasing these three Tsuumi albums in all major download and streaming services while they were released in due time only in Cd format. So there is still some more news to come during this summer.
From year 2007 this group separated to work as it´s own as a band and since that it has been known as Tsuumi Sound System.

In this album there are some well-known Finnish musicians playing like:
Tommi Asplund, Antti Järvelä, Esko Järvelä, Hannu Kella, Jussi Nikula, Pilvi Järvelä and guest artists:
Joakim Berghäll, Zarcus Poussa, Valtteri Bruun, Sanna Kurki-Suonio,Timo Myllykangas, Tuure Paalanen, Sara Puljula, Jarno Tastula, Olli Varis and Tapani Varis




Don´t miss our earlier rerelease of our first studio album called "Risteys".



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Thank you Gooikoorts!!

And thank you Marijke Visterin for these lovely "live" paintings!!

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Hello from the studio! Album number four is progressing! Jani approves the groove. 🦌 #grooveslikeamoose ...

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